Eracles - Portrait


Eracles is a young artist born and raised in the North of France. He settles down in Lille in order to broaden his music scene and opportunities. From his first day of life until now, he is always surrounded by music. At first, he is inspired by Rock music until he discovers Techno music thanks to famous bands like Justice and Bloody Beetrooth. Then he comes across the Ed Banger music label which strongly inspires him. Later, he starts to create his own music mix influenced by Acid music, gabber hardcore , tribecore and psytrance . After exploring myriad of music styles and travelling, he falls in love with the Techno music and its culture. In 2018, he composes his new music mix identity and begins to use Eracles as a pseudonym. He starts to play and share his music during evening sets in bars/clubs and private parties. In 2019, he joins the “cafeine radio show” by offering music sets combining melodic techno, dark techno and minimalistic techno. Eventually, he signs with the label and releases his first official track “Jupiter”.